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Meet the Board

Board Members of Nonprofits have Important Responsibilities
by Yelena Mitrofanova, Extension Educator

"As the nonprofit sector has grown to accommodate a wide range of voluntary endeavors, millions of people have been given an opportunity to serve on the boards of nonprofit organizations. Serving as a board member is one of the most challenging and rewarding volunteer experiences.

An effective decision-making board can strengthen a nonprofit organization in many different ways: perform some of the tasks of the organization, support the organization's work in the community, bring necessary resources for better performance, advise the organization on legal or other matters and help with fund raising.

While appointment or election to a board is an honor, board members have important duties and responsibilities requiring time commitment, particular skills, talents and resources."

Meet some of the AFP Mid-Hudson Valley Chapter Board of Directors who provide educational events, networking opportunities and resources to non profit professionals in the Hudson Valley.

Elizabeth Rowley

Chris Smith

Erin Cafarelli

Gail Orser

Melissa McCoy

Judith Perrin

Susan Diamond

Sarah Weikel

Joan Gasparovic Gambeski

Caitlin Dalton

Serena Marrero

Anne Marie Schoonhoven